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Deborah Harley

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Human Development and Learning

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Mary Lagnebrunner


Increased emphasis on process improvements in all organizations challenges leaders to institute change. Using a case study approach, the current research examined an organizational change initiative embarked on by the leadership of a local non-profit organization to obtain improvement in service delivery and acquire outcome measurements. There is little in the literature concerning organizational change initiatives and the use of change models in the non-profit sector. This study examined staff perception of an organizational change initiative using Kotter’s (1995) 8 step change model as benchmarks of success. Kotter’s (1995) 8 Steps for Change is a popular change model often used in the for-profit setting. Through ethnographic observation and staff surveys, the researcher examined the progress and success of the non-profit organizational change initiative and staff perception of change using Kotter’s model. The model was overlaid to illustrate its value and applicability as tool for organizational change in the non-profit setting.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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