Inspiring Kidz Leadership Lessons from African Proverbs


Inspiring Kidz Leadership Lessons from African Proverbs


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Many hands, light work -- Chasing two antelopes, at the same time -- The boat, the leader and the water -- A child crawls, then stands -- The monkey, a jump and a tree -- A tree is cut down -- Moving the elephant in one day -- The tree, over the top and the earth -- an army, a sheep, and a lion -- Bundle of sticks are unbreakable.

Children like it simple, powerful and compelling, don't they? The "spirit" of this book makes leadership lessons for kids simple, powerful yet compelling. This "treasure trove" of illustrated stories from African Proverbs is filled with compelling leadership lessons for children all over the world. This book is written for children in every nation whose little minds are curious, who love to explore new and different worlds and who love to listen to stories. "Inspiring Kidz Leadership Lessons from African Proverbs" contains the Proverb, the Story, the Lesson and the country. Proverbs and sayings are found in almost every culture in the world and so not only will children respond to its meaning but adults will find it enriching. In this children's leadership book, the sayings of African proverbs form the basis of the leadership lesson. Not only will you read it and hear it. Your child(ren) will glean life-long leadership nuggets and lessons from it. Stories are like magic, taking us everywhere: backwards, forwards or happening right in the present time, transporting us to many places and situations we might never go. There is a world of wisdom contained in each proverb and we can learn a lot about children's Leadership Lessons from them. So sit down with your toddler, infant, child or children and teach them these simple, profound and compelling leadership lessons through African Proverbs and storytelling. It is hoped that at the very least, proverbs can be a source of entertainment if not a learning tool to teach and entertain your child.

Inspiring Kidz Leadership Lessons from African Proverbs