Pathways to Literacy Extension Activity Books


Pathways to Literacy Extension Activity Books


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The objectives and teacher scripts from Pathways to Literacy provide the structure for all of the activities, making it easy for teachers to implement this Extension Activity Book Set, especially those already familiar with the curriculum. Several activities provide additional practice with Jamaica’s Find, Earthdance, and Tar Beach, while others generalize or extend learning. The Teacher’s Extension Guide even demonstrates how ten additional storybooks may be used with the Pathways to Literacy framework!

The supplementary practice activities are ideal for students who may benefit from variation between daily lessons. The other activities that focus on the generalization of skills taught in Pathways to Literacy may be used in conjunction with the curriculum or after its completion.

Teachers have a book of scripted activities, and students have their own consumable Extension Activity Book with picture-based response choices and worksheets. This Book Set supports the entire classroom by extending and expanding Attainment’s pre-literacy curriculum!

Pathways to Literacy Extension Activity Books