Hybrid Model for Security-Aware Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless sensor network (WSN) is considered as the resource constraint network, in which the entire nodes have limited resources. In WSN, prolonging the lifetime of the network remains as the unsolved point. Accordingly, this study intends to propose a hybrid GGWSO (Grouped Grey Wolf Search Optimisation) algorithm to improve the performance of a cluster head selection in WSN, so that the network's lifetime can be extended. The proposed method concerns the main constraints associated with distance, delay, energy, and security. This study compares the performance of the proposed GGWSO with several traditional algorithms like artificial bee colony (ABC), fractional ABC, group search optimisation and Grey Wolf optimisation-based cluster head selection. During the performance analysis, the various ranges of risk, such as 20, 60, and 100% are added to validate the performance variations, by evaluating the number of alive nodes, and normalised network energy remained in the network. The simulation results have shown that there is a need for a hybrid model for attaining the superior results.