Standardization and Methodological Considerations for the Isometric Midthigh Pull

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The isometric midthigh pull (imtp) is commonly used to assess an athlete’s force generation ability. this test is highly reliable and is simple and relatively quick to perform. the data that can be determined from the force–time curves generated by the test have been shown to be closely related to performance capacities in a variety of dynamic athletic tasks. however, within the scientific literature, there are inconsistencies in the data collection procedures and methods used for data analysis that may impact the resultant output and the ability to compare and generalize results. therefore, the primary aim of this review is to identify the differences in imtp testing procedures and data analysis techniques, whereas identifying the potential impact this may have on the data collected. the secondary aim is to provide recommendations for the standardization of testing procedures to ensure that future imtp data are of maximal benefit to practitioners and researchers. for a video abstract of this article, see supplemental digital content 1 (see video, http:// links.lww.com/scj/a249).