Autoregulatory Efficiency Assessment in Kidneys Using Deep Learning

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A convolutional deep neural network is employed to assess renal autoregulation using time series of arterial blood pressure and blood flow rate measurements in conscious rats. The network is trained using representative data samples from rats with intact autoregulation and rats whose autoregulation is impaired by the calcium channel blocker amlodipine. Network performance is evaluated using test data of the types used for training, but also with data from other models for autoregulatory impairment, including different calcium channel blockers and also renal mass reduction. The network is shown to provide effective classification for impairments from calcium channel blockers. However, the assessment of autoregulation when impaired by renal mass reduction was not as clear, evidencing a different signature in the hemodynamic data for that impairment model. When calcium channel blockers were given to those animals, however, the classification again was effective.