Fe2O3/N Doped rGO Anode Hybridized with NiCo LDH/Co(OH)2 Cathode for Battery-like Supercapacitor

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In this work, a high-performance hybrid supercapacitor is assembled with N-doped reduced graphene oxide (N-rGO) decorated with Fe2O3 (Fe2O3/N-rGO) as the anode, and NiCo layered double hydroxide integrated with conductive Co(OH)2 (NiCo LDH/Co(OH)2) as the cathode. The two main pseudo-capacitive materials are modified by different materials (N-rGO and Co(OH)2) to enhance the conductivity. For anode, the Fe2O3 nanoparticles are uniformly dispersed on N-rGO via a facile solvent-thermal method. The highly conductive Fe2O3/N-rGO exhibits a superior capacitance of 912.9F/g at 1 A/g and retains 84% at 30 A/g. The NiCo LDH/Co(OH)2 cathode also synthesized by a convenient solvent-thermal method delivers a high specific capacitance of 2220.0F/g at 1 A/g and retains 70% at a high current density of 50 A/g. Utilizing these electrodes, we successfully fabricate a hybrid battery-like supercapacitor with an excellent energy density of 103.3 Wh/kg at an outstanding power density of 790 W/kg, an excellent capacitance of 296.3F/g at 1 A/g and a remarkable cyclic stability with 92% retention after 1000 cycles at 10 A/g. Due to the elaborately designed electrode materials, the battery-like supercapacitor exhibits excellent electrochemical properties and is an inspiration for future energy storage devices.