Using ATLAS for Mac to Enact Narrative Analysis: Metaphor of Generativity from LGBT Older Adult Life Stories

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The relationship between qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) and the development of new methods remains underexplored. While scholars argue that software tactics are used only to implement analytic strategies, some strategies are made possible only with new software developments. Aligned with the Five-Level QDA method, we aim to address the gap in the literature by thoroughly presenting the methodological aspects of an existing narrative inquiry. To be systematic in our explanation of QDAS integration, we begin by offering background information about the original project, followed by an analytical plan, which was informed by our researcher’s subjectivity and generativity theory. We then introduce our translational process that merges our subjective narrative strategy with objective ATLAS.ti tactics into a comprehensive framework for analysis. The findings, presented as a conceptual mapping of the data, informed deeper metaphorical exploration of generativity which is discussed as a life-long process of intergenerational connectedness.