Multi-Source Fusion for Weak Target Images in the Industrial Internet of Things

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Due to the influence of information fusion in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments, there are many problems, such as weak intelligent visual target positioning, disappearing features, large error in visual positioning processes, and so on. Therefore, this paper proposes a weak target positioning method based on multi-information fusion, namely the “confidence interval method”. The basic idea is to treat the brightness and gray value of the target feature image area as a population with a certain average and standard deviation in IIoT environments. Based on the average and the standard deviation, and using a reasonable confidence level, a critical threshold is obtained. Compared with the threshold obtained by the maximum variance method, the obtained threshold is more suitable for the segmentation of key image features in an environment in which interference is present. After interpolation and de-noising, it is applied to mobile weak target location of complex IIoT systems. Using the metallurgical industry for experimental analysis, results show that the proposed method has better performance and stronger feature resolution.