The Identity of the Long-Overlooked Ronabea Morindoides and Patabea Tenuiflora, Synonymous with a Species of Appunia (Rubiaceae)

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The identity of the long-overlooked Ronabea morindoides and Patabea tenuiflora, synonymous with a species of Appunia (Rubiaceae). Candollea 76: 83-92. In English, English abstract. The identity of Ronabea morindoides A. Rich. has long been unclear and is here investigated. Two sheets of original material corresponding to this name are deposited in the General Herbarium of the National Museum of Natural History of Paris (P), and represent a mixed collection; one part of this material corresponds better with the description of this taxon and is more unambiguously identifiable, and is here designated the lectotype. With this typification, Ronabea morindoides represents a species of Appunia Hook. f. The identity of Patabea tenuiflora DC. has also remained uncertain since its description and is here clarified by studying the holotype in the Candolle Herbarium (G-DC); this is an additional synonym of R. morindoides. Taxonomic review of this group in the Guianas also finds that Ronabea morindoides is an older name for Appunia brachycalyx (Bremek.) Steyerm. and Appunia surinamensis Bremek. (Morindeae). Therefore, the new combination Appunia morindoides (A. Rich.) Delprete, C.M. Taylor & T. McDowell is here published. Received: August 15, 2020; Accepted: December 1, 2020; First published online: February 1, 2021