The Colliding Winds of WR 25 in High-resolution X-Rays

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WR 25 is a colliding-wind binary star system comprising a very massive O2.5If∗/WN6 primary and an O-star secondary in an eccentric orbit with a 208 day period. These hot stars have strong, highly supersonic winds that interact to form a bright X-ray source from wind-collision shocks whose conditions change with stellar separation. Different views through the winds of Wolf-Rayet and O stars are afforded with orbital phase as the stars move about their orbits, allowing for exploration of wind structure in ways not easy or even possible for single stars. We have analyzed an on-axis Chandra/HETGS spectrum of WR 25 obtained shortly before periastron when the X-rays emanating from the system are the brightest. From the on-axis observations, we constrain the line fluxes, centroids, and widths of various emission lines, including He triplets of Si xiii and Mg xi. We have also been able to include several serendipitous off-axis HETG spectra from the archive and study their flux variation with phase. This is the first report on high-resolution spectral studies of WR 25 in X-rays.