Seven Key Themes in Physical Therapy Advice for Patients Living With Subacromial Shoulder Pain: A Scoping Review

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Objective: To systematically scope the reported advice and education in physical therapy management of patients with subacromial shoulder pain, and to define key themes of the advice and education. Design: Scoping review. Literature Search: We searched MEDLINE, Scopus, Web of Science, and CINAHL, with publication dates from 2007 to September 2019. Study Selection Criteria: We included quantitative and qualitative research that reported on physical therapy interventions for subacromial shoulder pain. Data Synthesis: We performed a qualitative synthesis that identified items included in patient advice and education. Results: Of 89 original studies included, there were 61 randomized controlled trials; 5 prospective studies; 16 nonrandomized observational intervention studies or case series; and 7 surveys, audits of physical therapy patient records, and focus groups with physical therapists. We identified 7 key themes for advice and education: exercise intensity and pain response, activity modification advice, posture advice, pain self-management advice, pathoanatomical and diagnosis information, behavioral approaches, and pain biology advice. Conclusion: While advice focused predominantly on the local tissue pathology model, 10% of studies included information about pain neuroscience education, psychosocial factors, motor imagery, or behavior change.