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Background: Subcapsular hematoma of the liver is a potentially life-threatening but extremely rare condition. It is often caused by a blunt trauma or other predisposing conditions such as a liver tumor, intra-tumor hemorrhage, surgery, preeclampsia, liver biopsy, and hemodialysis. Predisposing causes of liver hematoma include its large size and proximity to fixed structures. To date, there have been no reported cases of subcapsular liver hematoma caused by tight clothing such as corsets. Our case report is about an extremely rare case of subcapsular hematoma of the liver caused by wearing a tight faja corset in a young healthy female. Case presentation: A forty-five-year-old Spanish female without any underlying health problems presented with sudden onset epigastric and right upper quadrant abdominal pain after wearing a faja corset the night prior to the hospital presentation. CT abdomen was noted for subcapsular hematoma of the liver. Her symptoms persisted and repeat CT abdomen showing worsening of the liver hematoma. Patient had interventional radiology (IR) guided drainage and was subsequently discharged home. Conclusions: Subscapular liver hematomas need to be considered in patients presenting with acute onset abdominal pain after wearing certain tight clothing. The necessity of an early and accurate diagnosis is vital for management as hemodynamically stable patients can be managed conservatively. Our patient was managed with IR-guided aspiration drainage of the hematoma. Surgery can be considered a last resort in case of life-threatening hemodynamic instability, peritoneal signs, free abdominal fluid, and failure of arterial embolization. Our case highlights the importance of early recognition of traumatic subcapsular hematomas to prevent life-threatening complications.

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