Secure and Concealed Watchdog Selection Scheme Using Masked Distributed Selection Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Selecting secure and dynamic watchdogs for detecting attacks using a type of intrusion detection system (IDS). Theselection procedure of watchdogs in the random ad-hoc wireless sensor network is a load creation job in the absence of acentralised controller. In this type of network, the data processing transmission for the routing process and secure watchdogselection process create overhead in each node. It drains the energy of an individual node easily. Founded on these issues, thiswork concentrates on the secure selection of concealed watchdogs and maintenance of optimal watchdog availability ratio. Inthe random ad-hoc wireless sensor network, the secure and authorised watchdogs are selected from the neighbour list of eachnode on-demand basis to provide security for the network. In addition to this work concentrates on dynamic uncertain conditionsto build a secure and authenticated multi-watchdog system in the distributed scenario. The proposed system uses thecombination of both customised layer masking techniques and secure routing and monitoring techniques for the protection ofrandom ad-hoc wireless sensor networks.