Restructuring the Vocal Fatigue Index Using Mokken Scaling: Insights Into the Complex Nature of Vocal Fatigue

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Vocal fatigue is a frequent symptom and a debilitating condition affecting individuals with voice disorders. In spite of the various attempts to define and quantify vocal fatigue, this complex trait has not been well understood. Mokken scaling was performed on the Vocal Fatigue Index (VFI) to develop a hierarchical understanding of the latent trait of vocal fatigue. Two hundred nine patients with voice disorders completed the VFI and provided the item responses necessary to complete the Mokken scaling. Results revealed a moderately strong Mokken scale and that the VFI presents a hierarchical structure to the underlying trait of vocal fatigue. Mokken scaling contributes to the ongoing investigation to the underlying construct of vocal fatigue and may provide additional information about specific complaints within the population of those with voice disorders.