Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Vocal Fatigue Index Into Persian

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The aim of the present study was the cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Vocal Fatigue Index (VFI) in Persian.


The English version of the VFI was translated to Persian using the guidelines of International Quality of Life Assessment. Eighty participants with voice disorders and 50 healthy controls without any voice disorders completed the Persian version of the VFI. The 80 participants with voice disorders completed the VFI a second time a week from the initial completion to evaluate test-retest reliability.


The VFI measure demonstrated a strong internal consistency. Cronbach alpha coefficient was 0.95 for tiredness and avoidance of voice use, 0.86 for physical discomfort and 0.83 for improvement or lack thereof of symptoms with voice rest. VFI also showed a high test-retest reliability (r = 0.75–0.89).


The Persian version of the VFI is considered to be a valid and reliable questionnaire for identifying individuals with probable vocal fatigue. The VFI can be utilized in clinics across Iran in the assessment and treatment of individuals with vocal fatigue.