Popular Theatre: Connecting Migrant/Seasonal Farmworkers with Health Information

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Objective: The population for this project is Hispanic migrants who have limited English proficiency. They have a low education level, and this is accompanied by a lack of exposure to health education. The objective is too increase health knowledge of participants about: diabetes, importance of early prenatal care, and importance of early detection of breast cancer, as well as increase awareness of drug and alcohol abuse and depression.

Methods: The project will partner with the church, Nueva Esperanza, to provide health education to the Hispanic migrant and seasonal farmworker population in the area. The church’s existing theater group will be trained to be volunteer lay health promoters and will get additional training in using theater to provide health education. Skits will be performed at migrant farmworker camps, parks, and churches on the following topics: alcohol and drug abuse, depression, diabetes, early prenatal care, and breast cancer. The goal is that 12 volunteer promoters will be able to provide basic health education in their community so that 640 people will receive health education in at least 2 of the following topics: depression, drug and alcohol abuse, diabetes, early prenatal care, and early detection of breast cancer.


Washington, DC

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