Forging an Alliance with Faith-Based Clinics

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Objectives: To provide faith-based clinics with a iPad mini for providers with a drug database, disease database, and a screening tool and to provide the clinics with a desktop to provide patient education information to their patients using MedlinePlus and to register patients for the Affordable Care Act.

Methods: Each organization received two iPad minis and one desktop computer. The providers who received the iPads minis were given two hours of training on the databases provided and on MedlinePlus. The librarians will conduct a focus group three months post training to determine the utility of the devices to the clinics and to discover future avenues of collaboration.

Results: Interviews were conducted at all faith-based clinics that received the iPad minis and desktops. Preliminary evaluation shows the clinics appreciated the devices, training, and support.

Conclusions: Data are still being analyzed, but the program appears to be a success and will hopefully be replicated in the future.


Chicago, IL

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