Constructing a Role in a College of Medicine's Rural Clinical Rotation

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Objectives: The library partners with the college of medicine to teach third-year students on a clinical rural rotation about searching, evidence-based medicine (EBM), and how to develop a portrait of the counties where health fairs are conducted using health statistics. This paper focuses on the process of our involvement in both the program with students and the recruitment of the physicians.

Methods: This paper will look at both responses to student surveys about the rotation along with surveys of the rural rotation preceptors to determine their views on the addition of the librarian training to the program. A major recruitment tool used by the university for preceptors is the access to the library's resources. This survey will also attempt to look at the impetus library resource access had on their agreeing to precept for the rural track program. Results: Surveys are ongoing. Preliminary results show that the students feel more comfortable with utilizing both resources and librarians. Preceptors feel that the library is a great tool to get them to sign up.

Conclusions: The role of the librarian in the rural clinical rotation is constantly evolving and becoming more dynamic. Many opportunities exist for future collaboration with the group.


Chicago, IL

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