Using Checklists to Train Users to Use the Mosaic of Library Resources and Services

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Objectives: The purpose of this study was to create a checklist that could be used in the training of a college of pharmacy faculty so that there were no gaps in their information literacy; to implement the checklist; and to measure the users response to the intervention.

Methods: A checklist was developed that covered the information resources of the library and the information skills needed by pharmacy faculty. All faculty were required to meet with a librarian during the academic year and cover everything on the checklist in one or multiple sessions. Faculty were surveyed as to their responses to the training.

Results: Librarians learned the value of using a checklist. Better relationships were developed with the college of pharmacy faculty. Weaknesses in the libraries training of pharmacy faculty were discovered and remedied. Conclusions: Checklists are used in medicine to obtain quality. Checklists can be used in medical librarianship for the same purpose.


Toronto, Ontario

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