Rapid Fire Talk in Pediatric Physical Therapy Education

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Entry level and post professional physical therapy education is enhanced when learners are actively engaging with material/patients through EPA’s and the essential core competencies. Active learning strategies are educational methods where students are actively involved in their learning. Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) guide practice based assessment for students and professionals, carrying out trustful activities with multiple competencies. An agreement on the delivery of the essential competencies with active learning strategies to enhance EPA are still up for debate.

First round of rapid fire will compare the delivery of content with focus on traditional, flipped and on-line classrooms. The second round of rapid fire will discuss active learning strategies creating or assessing impactful EPA with clear take home examples. Active learning strategies will include Team Based Learning (TBL), Experiential Learning, Reflection and Patient Simulation. This will conclude with a hearty discussion on classroom structure and strategies in pediatric physical therapy education leading to more effective, gratifying, and memorable learning outcomes.


Disneyland, CA

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