From the Chalkboard to the Motherboard: A Quasi-Experimental Comparison of Online and On-Ground Organizational Behavior Classes

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Book Summary: Ever-evolving technological innovation creates both opportunities and challenges for educators aiming to achieve meaningful and effective learning in the classroom and equip students with a well-honed set of technology skills as they enter the professional world. The Handbook of Teaching with Technology in Management, Leadership and Business is written by experienced instructors using technology in novel and impactful ways in their undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as researchers reporting and reflecting on studies and literature that can guide them on the how and why of teaching with technology.

Combining insights from research and practice, this comprehensive Handbook provides a state-of-the-art reflection on the role and effectiveness of technology in management, leadership, and business education. It offers a variety of resources and guidelines for the application of technology across different educational contexts and courses, and explores how specific digital tools, software, and applications have been used in the classroom to promote student engagement, assessment, collaboration, learning, and leadership.

The broad range of chapters will support educators, administrators, instructional designers, researchers, chief information officers, and teaching technology developers seeking to expand their knowledge on the use of teaching and learning technologies in higher-education level management, leadership, and business programs.