F.A.R., F.E.S., S.A.I. or, Where Did All this Paperwork Come from?: Reflections on the First Year of the Tenure Track

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This roundtable discussion offers insights from first-year and recent faculty members about the ups and downs of the transition from graduate student to faculty member. While uch of the last year of graduate school is focused on finding a job that fits, adjusting to that job requires a shift in self-identity and role competence in addition to the physical relocation. The expectations and responsibilities as a faculty colleague, instructor, and advisor are greater. Unlike graduate school, you may be the only new person in the department, and so must acclimate to a new culture and navigate new departmental politics alone. And of course, the tenure clock starts ticking. The presenters will each discuss an aspect of the transition based on their own experiences and offer strategies for surviving and thriving in a new position.


Cleveland, OH

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