Musculoskeletal Milestones: Encouraging Resident Competence and Leadership in Musculoskeletal Education

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In this workshop, the STFM Group on Musculoskeletal Education will facilitate participants incorporating the ACGME milestones into a musculoskeletal curriculum. Participants will submit prior to the workshop perceived barriers in implementing the milestones. During the workshop, participants will engage in a hands-on curriculum that promotes milestone progression in residents, including concepts such as self-learning and leadership while learning core musculoskeletal medicine concepts, such as shoulder/knee exams and concussion management. Participants will apply these skills while training to administer a SMART (Sideline Management Assessment Response Techniques) course and thus learn how to assess resident competence in providing medical coverage at sporting events where these key concepts and skills such as spinal immobilization are necessary. The workshop will conclude with a discussion on collaboration and methods that promote interdisciplinary education in musculoskeletal medicine.

Objectives: After attending this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Apply the ACGME milestones to key portions of a musculoskeletal curriculum, including joint exams, joint injections, casting/splinting, and sideline management 2. Reproduce hands-on skill stations in a residency setting, form the foundation for residency competence, and promote muscle memory in key musculoskeletal procedures. 3. Lead a SMART (Sideline Management Assessment Response Techniques) course in their residency setting.


San Antonio, TX

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