Labelling Accuracy in Low Nicotine e-cigarette Liquids from a Sampling of US Manufacturers

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Objectives: To assess labelling accuracy for low nicotine concentration e‐cigarette liquids.

Methods: Nicotine concentration in twelve e‐liquids, available in 3 and 6 mg/ml strengths, was assayed (5 replicates each) using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry.

Key findings: Average nominal concentrations of nicotine were lower than reported in 23/24 products tested, with 2/12 products labelled 3 mg/ml, and 3/12 of the 6 mg/ml products showing statistically significant differences from controls.

Conclusions: Despite the emergence of a global regulatory environment for e‐cigarettes, inaccuracies still exist in nicotine concentration labelling, which may affect user habits and reliability of products used in smoking cessation.