Considering Administrative Roles and Alternative Career Paths in Academia: Is One Right for You?

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In academia there are many ways to have a successful and meaningful career, but one—research -- often gets the bulk of the attention. This panel was assembled with the theme of the conference, “Developing the Whole Professor to Change the Organizational World,” to create a space for the conversation about alternative roles in academia, specifically administrative career options and choices. Sometimes an administrative career is part of a strategic career plan to advance outside of the traditional research-teaching-service role; for others, a situation arises and leadership is needed when a position needs to be filled. Whichever way you are called into administrative assignments, participants in this panel will share with you their motivations and concerns as they entered into administrative assignments. The panel includes current and former Dean’s, School Directors, Department Chairs, and Center Directors and was assembled to provide faculty and doctoral students at all career stages an opportunity to think beyond the traditional academic role as they consider their career in academia.


Omaha, NE

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