Referrals to Cleft Lip & Palate Teams: Practices of School-Based Speech- Language Pathologists

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CLP is a complex condition and can have a far-reaching impact on an individual. Collaboration between the school-based SLP and the CLP team will ensure holistic treatment for the child. A paucity of literature exists regarding school-based SLP’s referrals to cleft palate teams. This research describes and explores the referral practices of school-based SLP’s to CLP teams.

Learner Outcome(s):

  • Participants will be able to identify and describe the best practices of school-based SLPs making referrals to cleft palate teams
  • Participants will be able to list the potential barriers in providing services and referrals for children with CLP and VPD in school systems
  • Participants will be able to describe the advantages of collaboration between school-based SLPs and CLP teams in the appropriate care of children with CLP and VPD


Orlando, FL

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