Assessing and Treating ADHD in Integrated Primary Care Setting

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Book Summary: This book is really a reflection of the past more than 20 years of work with teens and suicide prevention in the state of Kentucky. The work to establish the “Stop Youth Suicide Campaign (SYS)” has resulted in contact with many young adults, and we have found that the most important thing for all of them was finding a caring person they trust and can talk to. Because of the constant need, the SYS went from a goal of being a one year awareness campaign to becoming a major community resource, working with the state and local governments and state legislators to add as many resources as possible. We have witnessed for the first time a drop of youth suicide rates below the national average, according to the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance done biannually by the Center for Disease Control. In this book, we will tackle various topics and specific populations in relation to suicide written by people who work with teens and care about them.