Soft Tissue Disorders

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Book Contribution

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Book Summary:

  • Serves the needs of advanced practice nurses because it’s written by nurse practitioners for nurse practitioners, in collaboration with a physician.
  • Organizes content around the Circle of Caring framework for nursing-based knowledge and holistic care.
  • Explores complementary and alternative treatments for each disorder.
  • Covers the broadest range of human disease and disorders using a systems-based approach, presenting both common complaints and common problems to help students narrow down the possible differentials to the most likely diagnosis.
  • Considers interactions of pharmaceuticals with alternative medications and nutraceuticals.
  • Features coverage of pathophysiology and diagnostic reasoning as well as up-to-date guidance on laboratory and diagnostic tests.
  • Emphasizes evidence-based practice with information on evidence levels and more references to primary studies.
  • Integrates discussions of health policy and primary care throughout the text.


Philadelphia, PA