From Idea to Patent: Instructional Dermatology Surface Models for Use in Simulation and Standardized Patients

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Instructional Dermatology Surface Models (IDSMs) for use in Simulation are newly invented simulation tools created by a nurse practitioner. The idea for IDSM was imagined in the simulation lab and created from the need to improve dermatology education. Instructional Dermatology Surface Models can be used on manikins, standardized patients or persons of any age and with every skin color. The tools can authentically simulate any skin disease. Skin disease is a leading cause of disease burden. In 2013, 85 million Americans where seen by a provider for at least one skin disease which resulted in $75 billion direct health care costs (Lim et al., 2017). Skin cancer is the leading cancer in the United States (Guy, et al, 2015). Current skin cancer education has had very little effect on patient health outcomes. For example, compared with non-Hispanic whites, Hispanics and black patients have lower survival rates related to early Melanoma detection (Robinson, 2010). Quality education in Simulation supports reducing practice gaps, improving patient outcomes and lowering health care costs. Innovative tools can remove the barriers and limitations in skin disease Simulation education. What was the process of having an idea and bringing it to patent application like? This presentation focuses on walking the participants through the beginning steps of an idea to improve dermatology Simulation education and ends with the experience of patent application.


Toronto, Canada

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