Chronic Pain Syndrome

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Book Summary: This new reference ― part of The Secrets Series® provides balanced coverage of all current complementary and alternative therapies by leading experts in the field. Discusses each CAM modality and the disorders for which it has been proven beneficial; what to look for in a practitioner of each field; whether there is a "best" CAM approach; supporting evidence; and the effectiveness of CAM compated to allopathic approaches.

  • Includes chapters on the various alternative therapies as well as chapters on medical disorders and the CAM treatments for those diseases
  • Focuses on the evidence for the effectiveness of CAM therapies
  • Kohatsu one of the leaders in the field (member of first group of fellows of Andrew Weil at University fo Arizona Department of Integrative Medicine
  • Book uses an "integrative" approach---not just CAM therapies, but therapies used in conjunction with total program for treating patient's condition (including standard medical therapies, nutrition, etc).
  • Concise answers that include the author's pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets".