Songs and Memories for Expanding Vocabulary and Grammar

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July 2017


Book Summary: New Ways in Teaching With Humor explores the whole gamut of possibilities for using humor in English language teaching. Find ideas for beginning to advanced students, 5-minute activitiesto start a class on a humorous note to multiday projects, and silly English puns and jokes to activities for examining controversial social issues. Topics covered include: Humor and Language Development; Wordplay and Puns; Comics and Cartoons; Jokes and Joke Telling; Sitcoms and Movies; Internet Resources and Digital Literacy; and Parody, Satire, and Sarcasm.What all these lessons have in common is that they all use humor to enhance the English learning experience and provide English language learners with the linguistic and cultural knowledge they need to become more proficient users of the language. New Ways in Teaching With Humor not only shows the how of using humor in the English language classroom, but also the why.