Career Technical Education & Secondary Students with Disabilities

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Previous research has found enrollment in CTE is predictive of positive outcomes in postsecondary education and employment. Students with disabilities who engage in a concentration of CTE courses in high school: (a) have fewer unexcused absences, (b) are more likely to graduate high school on-time, and (c) are more likely to be employed after high school than those students enrolled in few to no CTE courses. Outcomes of youth with disabilities are influenced by many factors (e.g., expectations). Services provided to students while in high school also contribute to positive outcomes. One important transition service that can be provided to students while in high school to assist in mitigating poor outcomes for youth with disabilities is access to career technical education (CTE). The content presented will support practitioners in aligning services and supports in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) to increase the likelihood of postschool success after high school.


Greenville, TN

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