Parenting Satisfaction and Paternal Involvement of Korean Fathers: A Person-Centered Approach

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Using latent profile analysis, we identified patterns of parenting satisfaction and paternal involvement among 201 South Korean fathers. Three profiles were identified: (1) low involved (n = 74), highly involved (n = 28), and moderately involved (n = 99). A Multivariate Analysis of Variance analysis revealed that fathers in the low involved (n = 74) profile were significantly different from their counterparts in the other profiles regarding longer work hours and higher levels of work-to-family conflict. Also, fathers in the highly involved profile were more likely to report their wives are employed. The findings indicate that paternal involvement types are affected by work-related factors among Korean fathers. Implications for policymakers and research will be discussed.


- To examine the levels of paternal involvement with children and parental satisfaction among Korean fathers.
- To explore subgroups of Korean fathers with similar patterns of parental satisfaction and father involvement types.
- To identify the differences among the subgroups of Korean fathers regarding demographic characteristics, work hours, wife’s employment, job stress, and work to family conflict.


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