Appalachian Mountains: American Indian Wars, Arabella Reynolds, Cora Weiss, War Correspondents: Mexican-American War, Isabella Edmondson

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Book Summary: Wars create important turning points in human history, defining our leaders and changing the lives of ordinary families and citizens. Whether fighting for independence, forging alliances, making a play for dominance, or battling a global threat, nations shape history—and the world—when they go to war. World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society presents overviews of 50 wars, rebellions, and revolutions, both those commonly taught and those less so, and provides additional analysis of causes and consequences and portraits of opponents. The effect is to elucidate the global impact of these military conflicts that have defined our world from antiquity to today such that students and researchers may develop a deeper, critical appreciation of both the history of the world and the human costs of war.