Our First Professor As A Guest!

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It's hard to imagine a simpler question: "Why Isn't Women's Golf More Popular?" That was the title of a recent article by Dr Kelly Price at the website www.womensgolf.com and while its a straightforward question the answers are anything but. Dr Price joins Episode 83 of the iSeekGolf podcast to chat about the complex world of gender politics and sport with a special focus on golf and it's a discussion you won't want to miss. Also, don't forget there is just under a week to go till our #ISGPod golf and live recording day. At the time of writing there is just one tee time left for next Monday at Bonnie Doon Golf Club so click here to register and pay. Alternatively, you can come along just for the recording where our special guest will be Mike Clayton who will take your questions on anything and everything to do with the game.