Breaking Down Silos: Developing Trauma-Informed Care Through a Community Based Learning Collaborative

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The Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC) treatment framework is a “whole-systems” intervention which focuses on children and youth with complex trauma histories and attachment difficulties. ARC encourages intervention in layers to build a safe and secure caregiving system around a child. The layers include the child, caregivers, treatment providers, child welfare workers, teachers, and case managers. We developed an ARC Community Based Learning Collaborative (CBCL) to bring these layers together to create a safe andsupportive group experience and environment in which members of the child’s caregiving system can begin to build a common language and understanding of trauma that results in collaborated and coordinated trauma informed interventions to improve symptoms and decrease disrupted placement for youth in care. The overall goal of the ARC CBLC is to build highly functioning teams whose members have the knowledge and skills to apply the core principles of the ARC framework in accordance with their roles in the child’s caregiving system to promote healing and resiliency. This session will outline the development and implementation of the ARC CBLC, outcomes,and lessons learned.


Dallas, TX

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