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Young children with disabilities have better outcomes when their families are actively involved in supporting their child’s learning. This session will help Early Interventionists, private therapy providers, and other professionals working with young children with disabilities think about their interactions with the child's family and how those interactions strengthen a family’s ability to support their child’s learning.

In this 90 minute session participants will:

  1. Learn about strategies to increase parent participation in their child’s Early Intervention home visits and/or therapy sessions
  2. Explore possible strategies that can be used to engage a deployed parent in home visits and/or therapy sessions
  3. Observe through video, professionals working with a parent to enhance the parent’s use of effective intervention strategies
  4. Explore the use of tools and strategies that promote reflection on practices being used to engage families

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This document was published with permission by the organization. It was originally published in the Family Development: Military Families Learning Network.

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