DEC Recommended Practice Can Make a Difference in the Outcomes for Young Children with Disabilities Who Have Experienced Abuse and Their Families

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Children who are abused are at a higher risk for developing a disability, and, conversely, children with a disability are at a higher risk of being abused and neglected. I know that you don’t want to hear any more, but you need to, because you can help. This presentation will use a case study approach to focus on the actions of professionals who were trying to do the very best for a young child who became disabled as a result of abuse. Though the outcome met all of the specific requirements of child welfare and early intervention programs, clearly the outcome was not the best for this child and family. In this session using the new DEC Recommended Practices, participants will develop a picture of how the DEC RP might have been used and how the result would have been very different.


Chapel Hill, NC

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