Effects of a Preschool Professional Development Model on Teacher Science and Math Knowledge

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Research overwhelming identifies science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) domains as vital to young children’s later school achievement (Duncan et al., 2007; Grissmer et al., 2010; Morgan, Farkas, Hillemeier, & Maczuga 2016; Watts et al. 2014). However, preschool teachers rarely receive in-depth training in math and science, and culturally and linguistically diverse students from low-income backgrounds are particularly at risk for lower academic outcomes in these domains (Brenneman, Boyd & Frede, 2009; Barnett, 2008; Cognitive Development & Beyond Project, 2009). The ScMath-Dll Instrument for Teacher Learning (SMILE) assessment tool was developed to measure teacher’s knowledge. Items relevant to each workshop assess the following: (1) content knowledge; (2) understanding of the developmental learning trajectory of the concept covered; and (3) application of the content and developmental trajectory to classroom practice (pedagogical content knowledge: PCK). Further information about the intervention and the SMILE assessment, as well as implications and future directions, will be discussed.


Arlington, VA

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