edTPA Technology Requirements: An Examination of PETE Students’ Experiences

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The edTPA is a performance-based, subject specific, teacher performance assessment that is now being required for teacher licensure by 16 states, with more states moving towards implementation in the future. As part of the edTPA submission requirements, pre-service teachers must prepare, edit, and upload multiple digital video recordings of their teaching. This study aimed at exploring pre-service physical educator use and perceptions of the technology requirements of the edTPA process, as well as their perceptions of how well their educator preparation program prepared them for the technology requirements.

A sample of edTPA completers were surveyed from two different states in the US (Tennessee & Wisconsin) that have fully adopted the assessment as requirement for teacher licensure. Principal investigators (PI's) purposefully solicited physical education teacher education programs (PETE) from within their state to request edTPA completer participation. Participants were asked to complete a survey that consisted of both quantitative and qualitative items about edTPA completer perceptions. A total of 24 participants completed the survey. Overall, survey responses showed that participants felt: (a) their teacher education program did an adequate job educating about selecting and editing video clips for edTPA upload, (b) they found difficulty in preparing consistent video clips that could both see and hear the three focus students, (c ) that the 20 minute video submitted to edTPA was not a good overall representation of their teaching ability, (d) that the recording/editing/uploading of video clips was a time consuming process, and (e) that it is imperative that pre-service teachers are given multiple practice attempts with technology and video prior to the actual edTPA. The findings of this study suggest that though pre-service teachers do not feel the edTPA videos are an accurate representation of their teaching ability, they did feel their PETE programs did a good job preparing them for the video recording process. In addition, most of the participants noted that they struggled to maintain audio and visual quality. The edTPA is widely a new assessment tool for most teacher education programs, with continual growth around the country on a yearly basis. It is essential for the PETE community to continually explore the most effective ways to prepare and educate pre-service teachers about how to navigate the technology requirements (Parkes & Powell, 2015).


Nashville, TN

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