Boosting Boot Camp: Embedded Librarians Coach Students to Graduation Finish Line!

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From its inception in 2012, the Dissertation and Thesis Bootcamp at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) has included a library component. Unfortunately, librarians were used more as computer technicians, assisting students with technological access issues and occasional citation help, than as information specialists. In Spring 2015, the new Graduate Librarian and the Distance Education Librarian proposed significantly expanding the librarian's role in the program by adding targeted workshops to address physical and virtual workspace organization and research strategies. In the exit surveys for Boot camp, students have expressed high ratings and appreciation for these formal library instruction opportunities. Familiarity with the embedded librarians greatly increased the interaction between students and librarians, allowing for timely, point of need interventions during boot camp, as well as continued personal consulatations afterwards. This infographic-based poster will use graphed data, linear progression and photographs to showcase the different function performed by the librarians embedded in bootcamp. It will clearly and systematically demonstrate visually how what began as a teaching research and data management skills improved student ability and confidence and progressed to one-on-one and group sessions. This case study will provide inspiration and guidelines to help others reproduce our success. Links to the content of our workshops will also be available.


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