Make Them Get Their Heads in the Clouds: Is it Worth Teaching Digital Natives the Importance of Cloud Based Technology?

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This lightning talk will discuss the prospects of ofering student workshops on how to use Google Education Apps and Microsoft 365. Google Education Apps and Microsoft 365 are two platforms that many colleges use today. Students emails are typically Outlook or Gmail products, which allows students access to whole suite of cloud based products, including storage, that will make their lives easier.

Marc Prensky coined the term "Digital Native" in 2001, stating "students today are all 'native speakers' of the digital language of computers, video games and the internet". When most these Digital Natives get to college, they believe they are technologically proficient, yet when we them in instruction sessions and work with them on-on-one, many students are clueless about cloud tec hnology. How can we as librarians ilustrate to students how important it is to know this technology? Librarians should bring ideas, benefits, challenges, and lessons learned.


Radford, VA

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