Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplementation May Produce Marginal Reductions in Task-Specific Muscular Soreness in Collegiate Distance Runners.

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PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of BCAA on perception of muscular soreness in collegiate distance runners. METHODS: 8 collegiate distance runners (men n=4, women n=4) took BCAA supplement (SUP) (0.08g/kg) or placebo (PLA) daily for 6 weeks, alternating conditions week to week. Each morning prior to their training session, athletes filled out a 10-point scale Soreness Chart in which they rated soreness levels for each major lower extremity muscle group on both anterior (ANT) and posterior (POST) body segments where 1= no pain at all and 10= excruciating pain. Responses were totaled for each condition (SUP or PLA) and body segment (ANT or POST). Data were analyzed using paired-samples T-tests to compare soreness levels between PLA and SUP weeks. The alpha criterion was set to p


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