Towards Understanding of Glucosyltransferase Specifi city in Citrus Paradisi

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Flavonoids are a broad class of low molecular weight, secondary plant phenolics characterized by the fl avan nucleus. Widely distributed in plants, food and traditional herbal medicines, more than 6000 fl avonoids have been identifi ed up to date. They are present mainly as glycosides whose phenolic hydrogen or hydrogens are substituted to sugar moiety. An increasing number of fl avonoids have attracted much attention in relation to their biological activities, including anti-viral, anti-infl ammatory, anti-bacterial, and vasodilatory activities. Present work is to understand the structure and function of a fl avonol specifi c glucosyltransferase from Citrus paradisi. The study is one of the many steps towards custom designing of the protein. We employed homology modeling, site-directed mutagenesis and yeast expression system to generate mutants of glucosyltransferase and study their substrate specifi city, regiospecifi city and kinetic properties.


Raleigh, NC

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