Encouraging Sight Vocabulary Among Developing Readers

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Nicole Wilton is the program manager of the Community Music Education Program at the University of Saskatchewan. Huili Hong and Renee Rice Moran are assistant professors who teach literacy classes in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (CUAI) at East Tennessee State University. LaShay Jennings is a clinical instructor in CUAI who works with field-based student teachers. Ed Dwyer is a professor who teaches literacy classes in the same department. Nicole, Huili, Renee, LaShay and Ed have a great deal of interest in integrating artistic, social, and experiential strategies within instructional programs designed to enhance literacy achievement. According to these experts, students need to become physically, experientially, and emotionally as well as academically involved when learning sight words and in learning in general. Emphasis is placed on encouraging teachers and other instructional personnel to foster self-efficacy among their students through activities that generate success through products produced and learning experienced. Preparing a sturdy and attractive book focused on sight vocabulary in context is presented herein as a key strategy for both promoting self-efficacy and enhancing reading competence among students in the primary grades. Although the activity presented focuses on promoting sight word acquisition among primary grade readers, the strategies are adaptable to a wide variety of learning endeavours.