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The road to competence in writing is best paved with joyful experiences, especially early experiences with writing in the elementary school. One such experience is writing a story and making a beautiful cloth-bound book. Materials needed, which are easily obtained, are:(1) a commercially produced material called Heat-N-Bond (Ultra);(2) mat board or heavy weight poster board;(3)heavy weight paper in a variety of colors;(4) cloth in bright patterns or any other choice;(5) plain white photocopy paper;(6)long arm stapler; and (7) clothes irons. After assembling the book in 10 easy steps, photos or pictures from magazines or other sources maybe put on the cover or drawings can also be used. The cost of each book is approximately 65 cents. An easily transportable file tote box can be useful for keeping materials on hand.. Children can make several books and display them during a young authors' conference in the classroom.

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