Demystifying Academic Language

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Are you confused by Academic Language? Are your students struggling? The purpose of this session is to demystify the Academic Language component of the edTPA® so that faculty can improve their own understanding of what is required by rubrics 4 and 14. The session leader will take the participants through an interactive lesson where meanings of the terms function, discourse, syntax and supports are learned contextually. This instructional method has been successfully used to help teacher candidates analyze the academic language of their lessons.

Using a sample lesson, participants will engage in a group activity that will help them discover the language product. They will then be guided in classifying the product as either syntax or discourse. Next participants will identify the language function and the vocabulary that must be used to create the product. Participants will then brainstorm general, targeted, and individual supports. At this point, a closer look at the prompts associated with rubrics 4 and 14 will guide our discussion of ways to improve the performance of our teacher candidates.


Bessemer, AL

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