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Forward thinking is a multi-faceted concept. Forward thinking does not entail predicting the future but rather anticipating what is next for an organization through the use of strategies, visions, and reflection. Words to describe forward thinking are possibility thinking, anticipation, tactical decision making, and envisioning.

Forward thinking applies to many areas of leadership. Within education, administrators particularly benefit from forward thinking strategies. Administrators can maximize his or her school’s forward thinking potential through strategies, reflection, and time management. Since the most successful strategies are built backwards, administrators must begin with the end result in mind; student achievement. Reflection allows administrators to look into the past to see deeper into the future by analyzing current trends and patterns to anticipate forward movement within his or her school. Time management is an administrator’s final step in maximizing his or her forward thinking potential. Designating time within an administrator’s schedule for deep reflection promotes a state of continuous awareness toward the future movement of his or her school.


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