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Spring 2018


The purpose of this study was to determine if the 1 – and 2-term retention rates for students with the same ACT mathematics subsection scores were different between students who took a regular section of Probability and Statistics and students who took a learning support section of the same course. The subjects of this study were 2,714 students enrolled in a Probability and Statistics course (either regular sections or learning support sections) at a 4-year institution from the 2013 summer semester to the 2014 fall semester. As expected, students who scored a 19 or greater on the mathematics section of the ACT were significantly more likely to be enrolled in later semesters than students who scored below a 19. When students were grouped by matching ACT mathematics sub scores there was not a significant difference in 1-term and 2-term retention rates between students who took a 4-hour learning support section of probability and statistics and students who opted to take a regular 3-hour version of the same course.

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